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June 23, 2009


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Jeff C

if only you could get paid for being super-cool, fun and fabulous..... then you'd be a rich ("grown up") woman by now. :)


I still think like you -- and I am almost 40 (psst. counting the weeks). I am still turning out one great career after the other thinking whistfully, ahhh, yes, that would be so cool....

But then came along Murphy-Goode (and I have yet to hold a bottle of the sparkly juice in my hands) and I realized something: We can all go after our dreams! We have hope! We have potential! We have possibilities! Lüp, you have your creative talent for NOW! You unfold it here and you are free to realize your dreams elsewhere too! (Oh, I have dreams, BIG dreams and I am working on them, sweet, sweet dreams. And life is *goode* each step of the way!)

And Greg is showing us the way: he took action and regardless of how far he comes for MurphyGoode, he will go places!

(gosh, I think I have a thing with ! exclamation marks... please forgive my excitement! You got me inspired *smile*)

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