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June 30, 2008


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Hi Michelle,

Setting up Google Alerts is a great way to monitor for PR hits - however, I completely disagree with the strategy of posting blog comments from an anonymous email address and then responding.

Those of us who work in online PR and advise on Social Media Strategy for clients carry very close to our hearts (or should, if we know what's good for us) the idea of transparency. That is, no anonymous commenting (such efforts have landed many a CEO/OR Agency in very hot water in the past).

Social Media is about being honest, transparent, and making yourself available to those on the web though building relationships and providing value.

Instead, here are a few quick, legit ways to leverage press:

1. When you find the photo of the necklace in question, get permission to use it. Or request a photo or film still directly from the stylist or production company. With that in hand, you are golden! Send out information about the piece with the photo to fashion and celebrity bloggers.

2. Send out a notice to your email newsletter about the piece, highlight the celebrity connection on your site, and if you have a blog/myspace/or facebook page (or all of the above!) share the posts from bloggers writing about the movie.

3. Email the blogger directly and say that you are owner/buyer/whatever of the brand of necklace/watch/whatever and that you are so excited to see that the item made it into the movie. Ask if they would mind updating their post with the purchase information of your item.

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